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Counseling Core Curriculum & Activities

4K-2nd grade lessons

  • August: Introductions 
  • September: Responsibility/Making Good Choices 
  • October: 4K-K- Reporting Bullying Behaviors, telling vs. tattling; 2-3- Identifying Bullying and action strategies for targets and bystanders
  • November: Self Awareness and treating others with respect
  • December: Compassion/Kindness
  • January: Self-Discipline and Impulse Control

3rd-5th grade lessons

  • August: Introductions 
  • September: Self-Responsibility and Setting SMART goals (5th grade- How to reach SMART goals)
  • October: Self-awareness
  • November: Personal Body Safety; Communication and Listening 
  • December: Gratitude and Kindness 
  • January: Organization and Time-Management